ASR Parts Harness Bar Reel

by ASR Parts

Product Description

Tired of wrapping your harness with zip ties? This innovative design allows you to hold your harness from walking out on the harness bar and obtains a tab to wind up the excess harness material instead of letting it flop around the back seat of the car. Made out of lightweight billet aluminum you are guaranteed to get a high quality piece. Currently designed for 1.75" OD tubing which is the same diameter as the Autopower Roll Cages. 

(Note: Item comes in pair for one harness)

Bar Size: Refers to the diameter of the bar you wish to mount the Harness Bar Reel to.

Belt Width: Refers to the width if the harness strap you are using.


  • 2 - Harness Bar Shaft Collars
  • 2 - Slotted Harness Tabs
  • 2 - M6 Flat Head Bolts
  • 4 - M3 Socket Head Bolts



Disclaimer: This is not a structural part. Your harness should be properly mounted onto the harness bar before using this part. This part is not intended to mount your harness. It is simply to hold the excess harness material. If you are not sure on how to route your harness have a professional install it or read this install on

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