Ballade Sports Turbulator Aero Strip

by Ballade Sports


Product Description

Formula 1 tech for our Honda! Ballade Turbulator Aero Strip. Zig Zag Turbulators are used in racing applications to help smooth out airflow separation. Towards the end of the airfoil, air begins to pull away from the surface in a turbulent manner, the turbulator acts as a small vortex generator to smooth out the separating air. Thus reducing drag underneath any aero surface. Commonly used in aircraft gliders, Mercedes Petrona F1 used this type of strip for the 2018 Baku Grand Prix!

  • Made out of polycarbonate material
  • Sold in 2 meter/2000mm lengths.
  • Comes black color, 3m adhesive backing.
  • Cut to fit. Easy installation

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