Swift Spec-R 2017+ Civic Type R FK8 Lowering Springs

by Swift Springs


Product Description

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The Swift Spec-R Performance Springs for 2017+ Honda Civic Type R are made for the true track enthusiast seeking to improve the overall performance feel of their FK8. 
Spec-R Springs are engineered with 3 major characteristics: 

  • Lowered ride height to lower center of gravity and maximize suspension performance, allowing the vehicle to absorb road condition and maximum tire traction.
  • Higher spring rate to enhance cornering speed through entry and exit. The increase in spring rate is based on the vehicle factory valving settings, meaning the Spec-R use the optimal rate for the OEM shock.
  • Reaching the optimal medium for performance and comfort, to improve performance while keeping a comfortable ride.

The Spec R Lowering Springs for the CTR will drop your car 1 inch all around and work with the OEM Magnetic Struts. This means you get a more aggressive ride but can still use all 3 driving modes. 


  • Swift proprietary H5S.TW, same tech used by the 2004 Le Mans Champion
  • Powder coated black for corrosion resistance
  • Made to work with OE Magnetic Ride struts
  • Drops the car 1 inch all around
  • Will work with all CTR driving modes
  • Guaranteed to never sag
  • Made in Japan

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