Ballade Sports 06-09 S2000 Passenger Side Seat Rail w/ Weight Sensors

by Ballade Sports

Product Description

We have figured out a method to modify the OEM S2000 seat rail and convert it for the use of bucket side mount seats. We have taken a brand new passenger side 2006+ seat rail which include weight sensors.  Honda WILL NOT SELL the rail without purchasing new the weight sensors together. You will need to have a Honda dealer sync the seat rail serial number with your ECM to your car. Regardless the weight sensors will work and engage and disengage your passenger air bag. Again, the passenger airbag will work and disengage with the installation of this seat rail. However a SRS light will come light up on your gauge cluster until you go to reprogram the ECM to accept the serial number of the weight sensor.

The rail comes as displayed. Fully assembled, left and right slider with cable. Seat spacers are also included. Option to send in your used stock rail, please contact us.

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