Ballade Sports 00-09 S2000 Full Spherical Suspension Bushing Kit

Application(s): 2000-2009 Honda S2000

by Ballade Sports

Product Description

***Now comes with shock bushings***

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We are proud to present the Ballade Sports Full Spherical Spherical Suspension Bushing Kit for the Honda S2000.  Ballade Sports strives for excellence in quality engineering and high performance; therefore we have designed a virtually maintenance free suspension bushing kit using the HIGHEST quality "American Made" Spherical Spherical joints for all the Lower Control Arm pivot points along with solid straight Upper Control Arm Bronze bushings.  This kit is a must for road race enthusiast looking eliminate alignment deflection and slop from rubber control arm bushings.  Until now, no other manufacturer has produced a Spherical kit for the S2000 that is protected from dust and debris.  Ballade Sports Spherical Cups use a rubber O ring to keep out contaminants, keeping the Spherical joint clean while on the road.  The Upper control arm bushings are made out of Steel/Bronze/Aluminum construction that is press fit and notched with Inner O rings on both ends keeping the bushing maintenance free.

The Front LCA rubber Compliance bushing is replaced with our Large Caster Spherical Spherical along with the matching Camber Spherical.

The Rear LCA and Toe Arm rubber bushings are also replaced with Spherical joints.

Please Note: The Spherical joint used for the rear Toe Arm also does double duty as an Anti-Bumpsteer kit to reduce snap over steer.

The Front & Rear Upper Control Arm bushings use our Bronze Straight Bushings replacing the factory rubber.

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