Ballade Sports S2000 to K20 / K24 Full Bolt On Swap Kit

Application(s): 2000-2009 Honda S2000

by Ballade Sports

Product Description

Ballade Sports new K series bolt on kit for your Honda S2000.
We are the first to release a full bolt on kit to your Honda S2000 to swap in any K Series engine.
We include all the necessary parts needed to install this kit.

Innovative K Series Engine Mount
Clutchmasters Flywheel
Ballade Sports K-series Adapter Plate
Rywire Jumper Harness
K To F-Series Intake Manifold Adapter
Ballade Sports Exhaust Manifold / Header
K-Tuned Swivel Thermostat
K-Tuned AC/PS Eliminator kit

Engine Management System sold separately.

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