Honda 00-09 S2000 FK8/FK2 Type R Brembo Big Brake Kit

Product Description

With the most recent introduction of Honda's new Hot Hatch, the FK8 Civic Type R, the S2000 has begun to show its age and is rather outdated in its technology.  The S2000 was originally equipped with a 12 inch front brake rotor and a single piston caliper. Nowadays with the new Civic Type R available, Honda has given us access to some of its replacement parts, particularly the front Brembo 4 piston/pod calipers. With our desire to fit OEM parts to upgrade performance, we have retrofitted the FK8 CTR Brembo Caliper to fit with our own 13 inch brake rotor kit. This is a great way to upgrade your S2000 brake system with Honda Performance Type R brakes. The larger rotors increases stopping power over OEM 12 inch by 10% in the front alone. This is a complete bolt-on kit.  No modification required. Comes complete with all necessary hardware.

Note: Check out our matching 13 inch rear brake rotor kit for the S2000 OEM caliper kit. Perfect mate set for this front BBK.

This Brembo/Honda Big Brake Kit includes:

  • One Pair of Honda/Brembo FK8 Red 4 Piston Brake Calipers
  • One Pair of 13 inch Slotted and Vented Front Brake Rotors
  • Front & Rear Stainless Steel Brake lines, black color, teflon coated
  • Optional: Brembo/Honda Brake pad set from the Civic Type R FK8

Note: Does not work with stock S2000 rims.

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