Doctronic ProECU-S2K 00-05 S2000 Programmable Honda ECU

by Doctronic

Product Description


A plug and play option has been made available on this ECU platform by connecting a Honda RSX Type S wideband oxygen sensor.  You can add the oxygen sensor to your purchase.  Option is for the sensor only.  Plug and play compatibility is already included regardless of sensor purchase.

This is a S2000 programmable Tuning ECU made by converting a Honda/Acura K series RSX ECU to meet the functions and needs for the 2000-2005 drive by CABLE S2000 models.

No need to change any sensors.
It contains a K-Series ECU including a License of our K-Series Tuning Solution ProECU-K and an active Adapter Harness.
All Sensors, Crank, Cam and IAT Sensor can remain stock.
Even the S2000 Gauge Cluster (Engine Coolant Temperature) is supported and controlled by the ECU/Software.


• Plug-n-Play, no need to change any Sensors
• Supports the S2000 Gauge Cluster Engine Cooland Temperature display
• All the features of ProECU-K
• Edit Fuel, Ignition Tables
• Expanded Tables for Boost (20x20 Cells)
• VTEC Control incl. full VTEC Window
• Idle Control
• Rev Limiters, Fuel and Ignition Cut
• Shiftlight by Gear
• Launch Control (2 Step) by Ignition Cut
• Flatshift (3 Step) by Igniton Cut
• Flatshift by Gear
• Lambda Control
• Boost Control by Gear
• Nitrous Control
Wideband option available

ProECU-S2K includes:

• K-Series ECU
• active Adapter Harness
• USB Connection Cable
• Softwarelicense for the Tuningpackage
• (Software as Download from our Server)

System Requirements for the PC Software:

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1
CPU 1 GHz+
Ram 1 GB+
Harddrive 10MB+ free
USB 2.0 Port
Screen Resolution 1440x900 or higher recommended

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