ViS Racing 00-09 S2000 (Mugen) Carbon Hardtop w/ Tempered Glass

by ViS Racing


Product Description

ViS Racing lightweight 00-09 Honda S2000 (Mugen) Carbon Fiber Hardtop with tempered rear windshield, OEM door window seals, and installation hardware brackets. Comes complete and assembled. Simply install onto your car.

The complete hardtop assembly weighs 38lbs with glass and seals. OEM steel hardtops weigh 52lbs or more. This is a light weight hardtop comparable with an actual Mugen Hard top with a plastic window.

Carbon fiber hardtop. UV coated and protected which allows the top to hold its high gloss finish. 

Retails from ViS Racing for $2,900 without window, seals, or installation brackets. We are offering this hard top completed for 15% off retail.

This is by far the most comparable product to Mugen Power Carbon Hard top which retails for $6,955 with a plastic glass.

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