Skunk2 Racing 12×1.5 Forged Aluminum Black Anodized Lug Nut 20pcs Set

by Skunk2 Racing


Product Description

Skunk2 Racing Lug Nuts are forged from AL7075 and hard anodized with knurled ends for better grip. Skunk2 Racing Lug Nuts are ultra-lightweight, strong and have been proven in all forms of racing. Use with Skunk2 Racing Extended Wheel Studs for best performance. 

Skunk2 Extended Wheel Studs are designed to meet the needs of racing safety requirements. Wheel studs are constructed of high-strength alloy steel and can also be used for high performance street applications. Tack weld the wheel studs in place for additional reliability!


  • Color: Black
  • Thread: 12 x 1.5
  • 20 Piece Set
  • Forged ¬†Aluminum

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