Works Bell Rapfix II Quick Release Hub

by Works Bell

Product Description

The Work Bell Rapfix II has been a very popular model in Japan due to its convinience and reliability which suits Japanese automobile inspection.

The product was designed to meet the following conditions:

- Must not be shaky when it is set on the steering wheel.- There is no mistake in attachment if you install it at an angle without attention.- You can attach or detach horn wiring and steering wheel at one-step with one button.- Has 3 color variations to choose a color as you like.- In the summer, the body would be heated by direct sunlight and may burn when touched
Besides these features, the RapFix II has one-step attach and detach and weight reduction. Weight is 516g.
Product Concept 1. One-Step Attachment
When the sleeve is pulled, it is held in place. Once the wheel is attached the sleeve goes back into place without pushing the safety button again. 2. Lightweight Design
Sleeve - Made of cold forged A5056 aluminum alloy for lightweight strength and durability.
Socket and Plug - Made of cold forged A5056 aluminum alloy for lightweight strength and durability. Results in an alumite color and adapts the layout strength set forth by WORKSBELL Co.,Ltd. 3. Certification of Safety
All Works Bell products are tested to ensure safety and reliability. However, there are many copied products that do not meet the same standards and are dangerous to use. Use authentic products to sure personal safety. MADE BY WORKS BELL logotype is printed on the sleeve to indicate RAPFIX original products. 4. Surface Treatment
Sleeve - The silver sleeve and and hard alumite black sleeve is treated to improve material feeling and durability.
Inside Sleeve - The Telfon painted face of the sliding socket provides smooth sleeve sliding and sleeve detaching and prevents scratching.
Socket and Plug - The socket and plug is alumite treated for a nice finish while reducing wear from use.

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