Ballade Sports 00-05 69mm Bore Honda S2000 Intake Manifold

Application(s): 2000-2005 Honda S2000

by Ballade Sports

Product Description

Fits all S2000 00-05 model years. This big bore manifold helps increase air flow to the combustion chamber thus increasing horse power. Gains are approximately 10whp with 68mm throttle body and ecu tune.

Ballade Sports big bore intake manifolds help update 00-05 S2000 air flow to the newer Honda factory 06-09 S2000 size intake manifold. Honda addressed this issue in the 06-09 models and increased throttle body size along with intake manifold bore size, while taking delicate care of the idle air control valve system. This unit is compatible with Stock Factory cable throttle body.

2000-2005 S2000 standard (stock) intake manifold bore - 64mm
S2000 standard throttle body size - 62mm
2006-2009 S2000 standard (stock) intake manifold bore - 69mm
S2000 standard throttle body size - 65mm

A $100 core fee will be charged upon purchase, and will be refunded after the intake manifold core has been returned and inspected. Core intake manifold must be in good undamaged condition.

*Note: Core exchange must be done within two months from date of purchase, if not, core exchange is voided.

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